Pet Massage

$1 per minute at an average of 30-60 minutes

  • Kamrie has over 25 years experience in equine and canine/pet massage. We have 3 other techs on hand as well. Kaili, Adrienne, and Hailee, all have that special touch for comfort as well. That gives you 4 professionals to choose from. Someone’s hands are always ready for your pet.
    We understand how important circulation, joints, and muscles are to the function of a body. We want to help your pet have a more comfortable life in your loving home. The massage is done in a relaxing environment in the position that is most comfortable for your pet. Whether  that means standing or laying down on a serta pet mattress or both.

  •  For newly adopted dogs, particularly those who have had a rough start in life, gentle massage will help relax your dog and allow you to touch him when you need to for other reasons. 
  • For senior dogs, massage will help to identify areas of soreness and bring some relief. Massage also seems to help older dogs suffering from cognitive dysfunction; maybe it’s just from having their circulation improved and their neural circuits stimulated by novel touch! 
  • Arthritic dogs can benefit greatly from massage by relaxing muscles and improving mobility and circulation.
  • For dogs who have had injuries, massage – with the express direction and approval of their veterinarians – can help reduce the formation of scar tissue, soften and lengthen tissue to assist healing, and increase flexibility. It can also help loosen muscles that may be compensating, so more injury does not result. Massage can reduce tightness in areas where dogs have restrictions. Gentle, directed, firm bodywork can stimulate the release of endorphins, with a powerful pain-relieving effect.
  • Dogs with respiratory conditions may benefit from massage by relaxing and strengthening the rib muscles that support lung function. 

Does this all sound familiar? If you have been treated with massage, you may recognize many of these benefits. Wouldn't your pet also benefit from massage? Call us today for a consult.


Massage can take place on a table or on a mattress on the floor.It will depend on your dogs comfort.