Professional Nail Trimming


Nail Clinics every Saturday or by Appointment during the week

Walk-in Nail Trimming Hours

Every Saturday at the Aubuchon Hardware location

8am-12pm and only $12 per pet

no appointment needed

(subject to change)

Nails by Appointment

Monday-Friday by appointment

$15 per pet

We also offer (at an extra charge)

pad hair trimming

dremel/file smooth

We trim all pet types including dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, ferrets, chickens, and more.


All dogs have different rates of nail growth, and how they exercise may help determine if they actually need a trim or not. Many dogs exercise on softer surfaces like grass fields, dirt paths or even indoors. Those surfaces don’t provide a great deal of friction for nails to file down as they play. Dogs that get a lot of exercise on hard surfaces such as concrete sidewalks or rough asphalt roads may get enough filing that their nails wear down naturally, but they may still need them trimmed on occasion.

You may notice that their nails are getting too long when they jump on you or up on a favorite resting spot, or when their excessively long nails are scratching the floor. Long nails can cut skin and rip furniture. They can cause pain and injury to your dog as well.

Different breeds of dogs have different nail growth patterns. Some have higher knuckles and some are more flat to the ground. That can determine how often or when they need their nails trimmed. You will learn with your own dog what their speed and type of nail growth is and how to deal with it.

Walking and Running

When a dog’s nails are too long, it can hamper their ability to walk and run correctly. To put it in human terms, imagine your own toenails growing so long that they curl under your toes or constantly rub against the ground, or make your shoes painful to wear by jamming back against the base of your nails from pressure against the tips. It would definitely make the actual process of ambulation more difficult for you. Sure, you would adapt, but you prevent the problems to begin with by keeping your nails trimmed. You can do the same thing for your dog.

Comfort and Health

Untrimmed nails can curl under and become very painful for a dog. Adapting their walking and running to deal with the discomfort of overly long nails can make their legs or feet sore.  Excessively long nails can also catch on things and cause the nail to break to a painful level or even rip off, causing a different kind of injury.

In extreme cases, constantly adapting to the discomfort of long nails can cause stress on the dog’s joints and can lead to joint pain or even arthritis.

Walking in a way that adjusts to relieve some of the pain from overly long nails might also cause your dog’s natural gait and movement to be out of alignment. This can cause other pain or injuries as they try to find a solution for their discomfort.

How often

Trim your pets nails every 4-8 weeks. A pet should not go more than 12 weeks without a trim. More often is healthier and they will become accustomed to the service.